Youth Scrimmage

What began as an experiment has now turned into a training session of its own.  Following the U18 session, the coaches found themselves bombarded with requests from the U18 players to participate in the men’s Sunday scrimmage.  Unfortunately due to safeguarding issues we were unable to accommodate, so Youth scrimmage was created.

Youth scrimmage structure:

-1hr non stop

-Half court rules

-Rolling games to 3 points

-1’s and 2’s point system

-Call your own fouls

-U14 and U18 mixed


While the players participated in their normal practise session and worked on developing their skills, the youth scrimmage has allowed them to put those skills into action in a live game environment.   While a few thought there may be some form of bickering or arguments by allowing the players to call their own fouls, it has actually proven to become a model of how a court scrimmage should be conducted.  Players are being completely honest about fouls and possessions and showing amazing sportsmanship throughout.

The scrimmages have also allowed players to experiment different play styles which they would normally not attempt in a normal practise scrimmage.  While the youth scrimmages were due to stop after the summer break, through popular demand we have decided to continue throughout the next term as it has proven to be an excellent training tool and allowed the players to develop their own abilities while learning valuable attributes like leadership and good sportsmanship.