U14 Academy Scrimmage Footage

Here you will find the scrimmage footage in chronological order for you to self-evaluate.  Throughout the video, you'll find annotations of key areas we should be looking at as a team.  Feel free to note times in videos to later ask your coaches for help with.

U14 Academy 6/1/19

U14 Academy 2/12/18

U14 Academy 28/10/18

U14 Academy 21/10/18

U14 Academy 14/10/18

U14 Academy 7/10/18

U14 Academy 30/9/18

U14 Academy

Apologies, not sure how but for some reason I forgot to make the U14 recording this week (let's blame it on Coach David..shhh don't tell him I said that lol)

I won't make that mistake next week.

U14 Academy 16/9/18