Basketball Academy Resources


Here you can find all the resources for our guidebook.  The guidebook will serve as a foundation for what we run during games.  This area also includes our team ethos and our skills/player development protocols which you will need to learn and understand.

Video Footage

Here you can find all the video footage for our practices & games.  All videos will be added to this section so if you have the time, look through other players' mechanics and give them feedback on areas they can improve on.  All game footage will also be added here.


Here you can find all our measurable tables.  Both, Player Measurables & Workout scores are included here.  The file will be updated as and when players have completed the workouts and shown improvement.  As a base, we will complete all tables on a termly basis.

Study Materials

Here you can find any additional study materials for you to go through in your own time.  You will find videos of strategies or skills development to help you improve, as well as documents you will need to reference throughout the season.


Here you can find workouts to complete throughout the week.  All 10 workouts are included and you should be able to find time throughout the week to complete 3-5 workouts in your own time.  On a termly basis, we will complete the workouts as a group where we can start to measure your improvements.

Fixtures 2020/21

Here you can find a list of all our up and coming games for the season.  The blue rows are our home games and the white rows are our away games.  For this season we alternate home and away games.  Our home games are all at Bedford Academy on Saturdays at 11:00am.


Here you can find a collection of basketball footage, games, documentaries, tv shows for you to watch in your free time.  All of the footage that doesn't fall into any of the other categories will fall into this area.