Speed & Agility

Agility portion of the program involves 8 ladder exercises each performed for 4 lengths of the ladder.  Each exercise should be performed at a steady pace and speed will be built as competence increases.  The following video will illustrate the exercises in order.  Plyometrics are explosive movements and must also be performed at a steady pace and the speed increased as competence increase.  The following video will illustrate the exercises in order.

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Phase 1 - Bronze

Phase 1 is the introductory period for players to get accustomed to exercises outside of your comfort zone.  The exercises will build a foundation for the body to perform more complex movements.  Attempt to complete one session per week and record completions in your log book.


There are 8 exercises to complete.  Each exercise is completed for 4 lengths and then the whole workout is completed 3 times.  Between each exercise, there is a 30-second rest.  Each exercise is complete for speed but executed in a low stable stance.


There are also 5 exercises to complete and they vary on number or reps.  The objective is to aim for distance and height on all the exercises.  Do not sacrifice form for speed.  There is no time limit for these exercises but attempt to minimise rest time.

Phase 2 - Silver

Now that phase 1 is complete your speed and agility should have improved to handle the following exercises.  Some of the exercises are the same as in phase 1 as they are staple exercises but all of the sets have more lengths to complete.  The plyometric exercises are all a bigger challenge and the emphasis should still remain to execute the exercises with proper form rather than for speed.


As the new exercises are a bigger challenge you should have a solid foundation after completing phase 1.  The lengths to complete have now increased by 50% and the rest period between each exercise has remained at 30 seconds.


All of the exercises have been revamped.  By this stage, you should be seeing improvements in your verticle jump along with your overall balance and stability.  These exercises are more complex but should remain being completed under control.

Phase 3 - Gold

As now phase 1 & 2 are complete the exercises for both agility and plyometrics have received a significant boost in difficulty.  The foundation has now been set and from this point forward our focus is to push you to your limit.  The lengths have also increased to elevate your endurance.


With the foundation in place, your body should be able to complete the following exercises at speed but with perfect form.  On every exercise, your arms should be moving in stride and your eyes should be facing forward.


Some of the previous exercises should have been a challenge, our attention now focuses on tying movement and balance together to elevate your stability as well as your overall balance and coordination.