Sixth Form Basketball Academy

Basketball Delivery

Daily on-court team training alongside individual or small group sessions.

Video analysis of players to assist in player development through tracking of performance.

Academic Studies

Attain a high-level education in the best school environment around.

Winners of the Best Sixth form & college for aspiration.

All students will receive a FREE Chromebook laptop that they can use to access their learning materials.


Competition in the ABL and National league will cater to all aspiring players.

Weekly games throughout the season

Strength & Conditioning

Weekly training sessions within our top-rated facilities will allow players to maximise their fitness aim and goals.



What is Bedford Thunder Basketball Academy?
It is a programme for selected pupils that will run adjacent to their sixth form studies. It is a tailored basketball programme that allows students the opportunity to further develop their skills. We offer daily on-court training sessions paired with both player and team development in addition to strength and conditioning. Performance Analysis will also be incorporated into the program to enhance the coaching process by providing each player with individual statistical and video information on their progress.

What are the rules of the programme?
Participation within the programme is directly linked to the students’ individual academic progress. Students are accountable for their academic achievement, time management, and diligence. The programme will be suspended for those whose behaviour within the school deteriorates, attendance diminishes or if they fall below the agreed-upon grades.

How will it benefit my child?
The programme will help to increase the opportunity to be accepted into UK based Universities by offering players the chance to showcase their athletic abilities within competitive games in the Under 18 National League. All while they remain diligent towards their academic studies and achievements whether that be a high grade or recognition in a particular subject.

What will they gain in addition to their studies?
The completion of a tailored two-year athletic programme alongside nationally recognised qualifications in coaching, refereeing, and table officiating. In adjacent to any titles, they may complete whilst they compete in the National League.

Quick Fire Questions
Is this an additional A-Level? - No
Will I study less hours at school? - No, the programme fits around academic qualifications
Who is leading the programme? - Coach Enrique Alonso
Does the student need to already be a basketball player? - No
Will joining the academy get me to universities in the USA? - No
How do I apply? - Complete the application form by following the "Apply" button

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