Thunder Boys

The Thunder boys teams train year-round at various locations in Bedford with the sessions split into various age groups between 5 and 18 years old.

The first taster session is free!

New players who are interested in joining, need to email us on our Contact Us page using the subject 'Boys basketball' and detailing which age group they are interested in attending.  One of our coaches will inform you which date would be best for you to attend.

U8 boys

School years 1, 2 & 3

U10 boys

School years 4 & 5

U12 boys

School years 6 & 7

U14 boys

School years 8 & 9

U16 boys

School years 10 & 11

U18 boys

School years 12 & 13


The sessions are open and friendly. Across the sessions, the coaches cover a range of drills and methods to teach a rounded game of basketball in an inclusive atmosphere.

All players will need to register with Basketball England (£8.50/year) which includes their player insurance and is a requirement to play league games.

Our boy's program utilises XPS network as a communication and scheduling platform.