Thunder Womens Team Registration

Our youth program utilises the XPS network as a communication and organizational platform.

Please watch the quick intro video so you can get an idea of what it offers.

We are also affiliated with Basketball England and will require all players to register with them in order to obtain their BE License Number.

We have broken down the registration process into 2 steps below.

Step 1 - XPS network sign up

Registration Process:

  1. Click on and complete the Signup Form below first
  2. Download the XPS network app from whichever app store your phone uses below
  3. The coach will create your account and email you the login details
  4. Open the app, login, and complete the registration details

Step 2 - Membership fees

Registration Process:

    1. Log into your mobile banking app
    2. Setup up a standing order for the 1st of every month
    3. Use the following details



Please note:

Womens Team - £25/month




Account Name: Thunder Womens Team

Account Number: 23292068

Sort Code: 30-96-26

Reference: [Players name]


Should you have any issues with any of the steps, please don't worry, speak to one of the coaches at the next training session and we will be able to fix it on the day.